Monday, July 2, 2007

Britain's terror hype

Incompetent jihadists tried to distrup London and, bizarrely of all places, Glasgow. Right wing hacks trying to pump up the fear factor over the failed attacks by these ineptitude "terrorists". I say terrorists because while they failed their mission, the paranoid and hysterical media seems content with pumping up the terror alert.

It's like Madeleine McCann all over again (or in the Harry Potter world, Voldermort - fear the name yet, eh???). Joining the paedos are now the Muslims of Britain. And I thought with Teflon Tony gone we would have it so much better.

Are they forgetting that London has gone through much worst during the IRA bombing campaign and the Battle of Britain? I remember being in London in 1996 (as a tourist) when there was an IRA bomb. I was also 300 yards away when the Real IRA planted a bomb in West London midnight six years ago. The media didn't over hype the terror alert back then. (note: unlike today when jihadists are often termed Islamists or Muslim terrorists, back then nobody called the IRA 'Catholic bombers')

All these when the country is gripped with terrible weather, houses being flooded because of incompetent flood defences and people actually dying because of incompetent flood defences (I just had to).

Still these so-called terrorists pisses me off as it caused delays outside Gatwick on Sunday.

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