Monday, July 9, 2007

Judge Magister Gabranth Masterpiece Arts figure

Not having Tetsuya Nomura as the character designer for Final Fantasy XII was a really good decision by the Squenix folks (that guy just recycles his materials) as Akihiko Yoshida's design for Judge Magister of the 9th Bureau Gabranth was one of the more memorable ones of all the villains from any Final Fantasy games I have played (yes, that includes Kefka). The character design is just so brilliant, that even Yoshitaka Amano designed the box art around Gabranth. I have never entertained the notion of cosplaying, but if (a massive IF) I had to, it would be as Gabranth.

This massive 20" 1/4 scale figure of Gabranth is latest from Kotobukiya's Masterpiece Arts series. The figure will be made with cold cast resin, PVC, metal, faux leather and other fabrics. has this on pre-order for £230 while Forbidden Planet has this for a slightly better £200.

But what I really want:

Someone better buy me one.

You can pre-order it here.

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