Wednesday, July 11, 2007

E307: Sony Killzowned E3

Well, that certainly was interesting...

If you didn't watch it live just wait for someone to torrent the press conference or go here to read up on what happened. The organisers did screw up a bit by not zooming in on the trailers shown. Example. Here is Heavenly Swords. Zoomed out. But here is NBA. Zoomed in. WTF.

Plenty of "games, games and more games" to look forward to, mixed in with Chewy (he wins E3!) and a Home'ed Harrisson in his Ratchet costume. The childlike Jack Tretton (the new CEO of Sony Computer Entertainment America) is already 1000% more likeable than Reggie or Kaz Hirai already.

Not sure about the new PSP announcement though. It may be nice to have something lighter or can output to the telly, but it doesn't seem to be that big a deal. I wouldn't mind them decreasing the screen size slightly to increase portability. But it is good news as it means the original PSP price will fall meaning I can finally play MGS:PO and the two Star Ocean remakes eventually!

Two PS3 games took centre stage today (well three if you include the potential sleeper hit Echochrome). Hideo Kojima's new Metal Gear Solid 4 wasn't as exiting as the previous ones, but does reveal more of MGS4's plot than before. Then there was the awesome duel between Raiden and Vamp. The big news here is MGS4 will be Kojima's last MGS game. Probably the last Metal Gear game to feature Solid Snake too as the series will supposedly passed on to Raiden. Bad news for MGS fanboys I guess, but it does mean more time for Kojima to do ZOE3 and Snatcher.

Then who can forget Killzone 2. The first Killzone game was hyped to death (not by Sony, but by the media and bloggers) and turned out to be a major disappointment, both gameplay wise and graphically. This time around, it is Sony who is hyping up Killzone 2 and I can see why. The infamous pre-rendered E305 trailer did gave the developers some lofty goals and for a pre-alpha (or whatever) game, the new trailer did exceed many, including mine, expectations. Kudos to them.

Now I need to go dust up that piggy bank.


Median said...

Wait. Why is Vamp there? I slept through the conference and still am trying to download the trailer. So painfully slow.

Jon said...

He can't be killed.

Check out MGS2: Substance "The Document of MGS2". You will find a bitmap of him at the Manhattan ending when Snake was rambling on to Raiden about some weird conspiracy what's not.

Jon said...