Sunday, July 22, 2007

Island of the Sequined Love Nun review

I last read Island of the Sequined Love Nun about three years ago out of a recommendation by eReader. It made me laugh so much, like all of Christopher Moore's novels later on. I read it again today (har har, Harry Potter)

The book tells the tale of Tucker Case, a 'hopeless geek trapped in a cool guy's body', who, as a typical loose cannon, happened to crash his company's Learjet while making love in its cockpit and became a eunuch due to it. The time not spent thinking of his damaged penis, he has to try to find his way. with a male Filipino transvestite and his fruit bat, to a tiny island where he has been offered a job as a pilot for a "missionary". While obviously presented in a dark comical way, the plot is just deep enough to offer some entertaining religious analogy (it exists!) between Christianity and a religion based on World War II pilots and conspiracies.

This isn't Chris Moore's finest book (that honour in my opinion belongs to Bloodsucking Fiends). But it is my first Christ Moore book and it got me hooked, which is why I adore it. The author reminds me of the late Douglas Adam. Though the style between the two are very different, both often injects nonsensical humour in the most unsuspecting ways into pretty 'convincing' plots.

Highly recommended.

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