Saturday, July 28, 2007

Revisiting Metal Gear Solid

All these MGS4 megatons has been giving me a good reason to revisit Metal Gear Solid. I last played MGS about four years ago, so I thought this would be the perfect time to brush up on Metal Gear's history, starting with the third game in the series, Metal Gear Solid. It isn't long anyway (less than 2 hours clocked by the time I reached Sniper Wolf, half way through the game). As I no longer have the PlayStation version, I instead played the PC version, which was a bit shit because I no longer have a joypad. Playing a game on keyboard which was originally designed for console, was difficult! But at least I was able to make screenshots!

Spoilers aplenty:

Infiltrating Shadow Moses

Sneaking around the Tank Hanger

Meeting Donald Anderson, the DARPA chief

Before the first boss battle with Revolver Ocelot

Meeting Gray Fox

Hideo Kojima needs to make a next-gen Policenauts

Meryl possessed

After defeating Psycho Mantis

Sniper Wolf strikes


RichardAM said...

One of my all-time favourite videogames.

Did you ever get The Twin Snakes at all?

Jon said...

Once. The graphics are nice but the frame rates were erratic. Didn't really like the new cut scenes either, which was too 'Matrix' like. It was a fine remake, but a bit unbalance.

Nothing like Resident Evil GCN remake.

Anonymous said...

One of the greatest game ever made.