Saturday, July 7, 2007

Let me bore you with a rubbish blog post

True story. A friend of ours wanted to get his girlfriend, a close mate of ours, a birthday gift. We suggested a ice blue DS Lite, as she has been wanting one for ages (for more than a year, since laying her eyes on ours). Anyway this guy isn't a gamer. In fact he loathes videogames ('it's for children' is his favourite motto). So Jenni helped by e-mailing him the details required and advising him on the relevant information. Two weeks ago he placed the order from an Asian web company.

Now here is where it got really funny. When he visited her last week he gave her the gift. To his girlfriend's surprise the gift was in fact an old school blue variant DS. He was perplexed at first that his girlfriend did not play it straight away, deciding instead to stow it away. Our friend did not know that he bought the wrong gift, until he calls her a few days later and asked if she has played it yet. Of course she hasn't - she already has a perfectly healthy grey DS for that! He did not notice any difference between the DS Lite and old school DS, only the colour!

Some good news though. Today we went out together to the shops together and he bought a white DS Lite for her. Even better is he may actually keep the blue DS for himself! Imagine that, four player More Brain Training multiplayer FTW!


Just in case this story hasn't bored you to death yet, here's another videogaming sales tip. HMV has the fairly good Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories for £10 and the excellent Final Fantasy XII for a twenty.

Dixons has a special offer on Sony's PSP in rubbish pink for 90 quid. Fine print is you have to buy a PSP game, but I guess you can still consider it a good deal.

Still here? Well here's our Jenga tower, moments before it toppled, at the pub:

And no, it isn't 'in' to wear England underpants.

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RichardAM said...

There's something incredibly sacred and yet enticing about a brand new console. Still sealed, sometimes i've got doubts whether to open it or not, and just leave sealed and looking brand-new-pretty.

Oh, Play Asia have 20% off everything at the moment- picked myself up FFIII for just under £20 with delivery included. :)