Wednesday, February 15, 2006

On Opera DS and the hype of the Arctic Monkeys

With everyone talking about how mobile phone convergence killing non-GSM/3D PDAs, here is another product that could kill them. The Opera Browser for Nintendo DS. Assuming that you could use the browser to surf the net freely on official Nintendo WiFi hotspots (Cloud, BT, McDonalds), people might just ditch their PDAs/laptops and just buy a DS. Of course today's press release statement doesn't say much about what the product will offer. Being released on a card means that you couldn't update the browser too if a security issue warrants it, unless of course Nintendo/Opera releases self-updating files through the NiWiFi network.

The mobile computing industry is moving away from PIM centric devices to Internet/Web centric devices. The fact that Access Japan (developer of the incredibly powerful and popular Access NetFront browser) bought PalmSource and also Nokia releasing a web-centric device (770) just. I used to use my PDA loads but am now finding it more relegated to merely a digital music player, occasional web browser/e-mail checker and pr0n video player. I hardly play games on it apart from the usual PDAMill stuff or when I have to beta test something. In the end I may just eBay it and use the money for something more useful - like good and healthy food. And maybe a gym membership to work the Christmas fat out. And buying more great albums.


Speaking albums, everyone's talking about the Arctic Monkeys these days. I just bought the debut album (which sold a record breaking 363,000 copies in its first week) Whatever People Say I Am, That's What I'm Not. Hmm... I would give it an average score of 6/10 if I am doing a 'proper' review. But right now I am not really in the mood for some monkey business and Arctic Monkeys, after all the hype, just failed to impress me. I bought this because I support Brit rock indie bands and not craps like R&Bs.

Anyway the first thing I did was ripped the music off to my PC and naming them and sorting them out on my playlist before transferring the music to my player. And the moment I tap on play I thought I was listening to Babyshambles. Uhm... That's bad. I changed tracks. I can hear the similarity to The Libertines but like some of the concern voiced - it sounded like a pretty awful Libertines. Nothing wrong with that except that the Libertines' Up the Bracket was pretty amazing. And awful Libertines tracks were often on B-list singles and bloated up albums

I have heard plentiful of amazing debut albums before. The hugely underrated Dead 60s' post-punk revival. London's Hard-Fi. Maximo Park. Brighton's British Sea Power. I knew I shouldn't be buying into NME's ultra-hyperball after they screwed up on certain ends (Razorlight's Up All Night). Maybe just maybe if they haven't hype it all up I would come out fairly happy (but still giving it 6/10). Indie bands deserves our support in the cut throat music industry and especially now in the age of manufactured fuckwits from reality TV whatever. Sadly for the Arctic Monkeys, I do think the hype (which isn't their fault) will one day come back and bite them silly.

If you want to listen to this album, do not buy into the hype and expect some mind-blowing and glorious life-changing record. Buy the album on its own merit and not through the media's mouth and you may enjoy it. Sadly for this blogger, he was caught up in all the stupid hype that in the end he disappointed only himself. Fortunately for me 2006 could still prove big with Yeti's debut album due this summer.


Noodl3zz said...

~ it's always a pleasant to read your comments on them albums. I have nothing but to agree with you about the over-hyped reviews that has become the trademark of NME. But the funny thing is, as far as we tried to resist , seldom not we will still buy it, which explains the so many disappointments we had had in the past don't you think? But I've got to say I think you have a lot more hates than I do over this ultra-hyperball thing... hahaha...
But anyway yeah, hats off to brit rock!

speaking of the album, I bought it before I got a copy of that week's NME (thanks for taking it a week for them to air-freight the latest issue of the mags to here!). And so really, after listenin' to the album, I think they deserve a lil' bit more than 6/10.. I'd give 8/10 for that. There are quite a few tracks that you can really dance to. So c'mon give them a little bit more than that... please.... please... :D

anyhow, any other nice albums worth listening? have u listened to Arcade Fire?? I like 'em. If you've got the time can u do a little review on them??? cheers.. :D

Jon Choo said...

Yeah I have Funeral and it is pretty damn good. Too bad I don't listen to it as much as I used to. I am finding myself more engrossed in listening to old Interpol these days for some reason. Haven't been for years! Ah, I wish they would quickly release a new album.

You have to know 6/10 is pretty good. It means above average (with 5/10 being average). I don't follow the pansy rating system that some people go for (eg. crap albums can even get as high as 7/10). Besides this review probably won't affect their sales.

But cheers. You should review those Aussie bands more often too.