Monday, February 20, 2006

BAFTA film award thoughts

Here we go again...

As some of you know the BAFTA film award this year generated quite some controversy again (as usual) due to the fact that the British flick The Constant Gardener were the biggest loser of the ceremony. Of course the main shock (but not to me) was Rachel Weisz losing the main actress award to a blondie.

Cue the instant barraging by industry experts and directors (and a certain Lord) on why Brits aren't voting for Brits. "Keira Knightley should have been nominated". She may be hot but the film isn't. Besides I couldn't stand anymore Pride & Prejudice remakes.

I thought this award, despite its title, is an international award opened to all nationalities. And when will they learn? Never ever do an award ceremony in London during the rainy month of February! And if you do, build a goddamn canopy!

BTW, can someone in the EU please remind Austria that punishing someone for expressing his opinion, no matter how awful it may be, is against Europe's fundamental right to free speech.


howsy said...

Never under-estimate the Brit weather. Btw, was Reese Witherspoon even there? I saw from Getty pictures Zhang Ziyi posed for photos with a trophy with her!

Jon said...

Uhm, no idea. I am guessing no because I read somewhere of someone complaining (again) that the award should have gone to Ms. Weisz because Reese Whitherspoon couldn't be bothered to turn up.

What balderdash.