Friday, February 24, 2006


Who Frames Roger Rabbit to be banned? A great film. Compared to the craps that are coming/came out from China (Seven Swords, Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon, Hero).

Blondes no more! Yes, thank you! Now hopefully the ripple effect has already begun. I can't stand oriental blondes.

A big fuss over nothing. London will have no elected voice for four weeks. A fucking disgrace.

update: I found this comment on the BBC quite apt:

I'm fed up with this situation of not being able to criticise people because they have a religion to hide behind. If you're Jewish and don't want to be compared to a Nazi then it is your responsibility not to behave like one. Equally, if you're Muslim and want people to respect your religion then you must respect other peoples religions. It's quite simple and it is NOT racist, anti-semitic, islamaphobic or any other term that religious people use to deny the fact that you actually have a point.

Nick, Reading, UK

Oh and it snowed yesterday.

Have a nice weekend. Trauma Center review next week.

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