Monday, February 27, 2006

Hup Loong's Thick Gravy Rendang Curry

It has been a long time since I posted a food related post. Malaysian curry premix are difficult to come by in Britain and frankly most of them are pretty awful. Here is one I picked up last week made by a Penang based company called Hup Loong.

This is the lite version of what I was recommended to do. Just mix the rendang powder (in this case I used just half the pack) over the chicken and dump it into a wok. Fry them.

Coconut milk is recommended but today I used good old semi-skimmed. Just a dribble should do. Let it boil for a while. Dump some potatoes and onions in if you want to.

And serve. It was pretty average. It isn't as sweet as I would love it to be but many people have different perception on how rendang is supposed to taste. But it did fine to cure my evening hunger and frankly it is above average compared to the many craps that are saturating Chinese supermarkets.


Only four more weeks to go. Four. Before Metroid Prime Hunters is released. In the US at least. Whatever (any reasonable person here will probably import it - I know I will). Some new screenies has been making its way across the Interweb today. British Gaming blog has those screenies up plus loads of other older ones.

I can't wait!

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Howsy said...

Wow! Is this your first ever food blog? Keep it going, matey!

I smuggled a whole luggage of Brahim's sauces and could also buy them from Chinese supermarkets for a quid or so.

And oh, btw, just cooked nasi lemak with sambal ikan bilis today!

Anonymous said...

have to agree with howsy..brahim's the best so far that I've tried...

also i think the coconut milk makes a huge difference

Jon Choo said...

Not my first food blog but the first in a long time. I also bought a couple of Brahim's sauces will wait till the weekend to get through them. I do agree that coconut milk will help with the taste (it is sweet after all) but we will see. I don't want it to be too fattening.

God, I sound like my mother!

HardiJ said...

On rendang being sweet: yes, I think different people have different perception in regards of rendang. In Indonesia, rendang is supposed to be tremendously spicy not sweet. It gives me a shock when my aunty cook me a sweet rendang instead one day when I visited her in Malaysia.

Anonymous said...

Where did you manage to find this curry powder? Looked everywhere for Hup Loong Beef Rendang!