Thursday, February 9, 2006

Of rubbish cartoons and idiot protestors

I felt like I should have written this days ago when the news was still hot. It still is but it's getting quite old. Unfortunately I decided to stop writing in the 'Send us your comment' section on the BBC website because of the word limitation. Plus I can't post link. And insult other people. Thank the drunken lord for

Remember this? When tens of thousands of grumpy ol' men and women over Blighty decided that the portrayal of Jesus Christ as gay isn't appropriate for telly, while attempting to stop us license holders from watching it on the BBC?

Or this debacle?

All this hoo-hah about religion I just do not give a damn about. This is a secular Europe. We respect the right to your choice of religion. But please also respect our right to lampoon any religion we want to. It may be offensive but there are many things that offends me as well too (including your religion) but I did not go around stirring things up and inciting violence, worst over some rubbish cartoons. And to shut a paper down. Fuck off.

All this explains why I am opposed to the Religious Hatred Bill. Free speech is what I want in the UK. There are libel and slander laws to protect the innocent from defamation (Read Urban 75 on a guide to UK's libel and slander laws) and that should be enough. I am not saying that the idiots at the paper were right but it is within their right to be idiots (and offensive I guess).

People should just give this a fucking rest. Grow up the lot of you. I find it sad that I find myself agreeing with the right wing hacks from The Times and Daily Express over at the BBC a couple of days ago.


lucien de la peste said...

Well said, sir!

Thanks for the link.

You might also find this interesting.

elb said...

I love my Lurpak. So no, no boycott for me. Stupid things like that don't benefit anyone.

Jon said...


And Lego too. Time for me to visit Legoland, Windsor.