Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Get voting: Great British Design Quest

Via London Underground blog, the final 10 of the BBC Great British Design Quest is available to vote on. The final 10 are all well known designs and it was a toughie to choose from (Concorde, Routemaster, GTA, K2 phone kiosk, Mini). Obviously I voted for Beck's iconic Tube map. Without it, travelling on the Tube (and other Metros) would have been a chaotic affair.


US critics loves Footballer's Wives.

Season five airs this Thursday on ITV1. I will try to brave through another episode to see what kind of improvements they have made over the rubbish that was evident in the the first season (the only one I ever watched).

C4, bring back No Angels!

Update: They are! Next week! Tuesdays 10pm!


QUIK! said...

Voted for the Tube map too, can you imagine, it looks almost like it was 40 odd years ago?

Jon said...

It was so ahead of its time. I think this is a testament to the genius of the design that has been copied by all over by other Metro map designers.