Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Koreans online massacre of Chinese gamers

"Korean players stand there waiting for Chinese players to enter - you can tell they are Chinese because they can't speak Korean - and then they kill them," Ms Choi says. "I befriended some Chinese teenagers and tried to teach them, but Koreans kept trying to kill them so they all left the game. I just cried."
You have to admit that this is all so fucking sad that someone can cry over a computer game.
"They enjoy the game and they think Korea is cool and they also like earning a little money," says Sunny Choi, a South Korean gamer who speaks Chinese. "But they don't understand the manners so Koreans are killing them - it's a tragedy."
Now you know why I don't play MMOs.

Financial Times


T-Boy said...

…or, at least, why you shouldn't play level-based treadmill nightmares like the MMOs that are dominating the market out now.

I mean, hell. It's like bloody crack, and in the end you just end up feeling used. But do any of my friends listen? Nooo, they continue playing WoW.

They'll learn. They'll learn.

Jon said...

I heard there was a plagued in WoW. And some guys holding a server hostage.

Meh. There is enough problems in my real life without having to deal with virtual ones.