Tuesday, July 15, 2008

E3 presser round-up

So what did we learn from the big three's E3 press conference?

- Still focusing on none-gaming.
- Animal Crossing Wii looks like DS version with voice chat and waggle.
- Back patting themselves is all they do these days, very early 1990s of them.
- Video games? What video games?

- Is trying to get some of that casual gaming moolah, will likely to fail.
- Did a great job crashing GAF with news of Final Fantasy XIII on 360.
- Still using proprietary HDD interface. 60GB? Very meh.

- Team ICO, where art thou?
- 256 player MAG by the developer of SOCOM is exciting news indeed.
- GOW III has been re-confirmed, again. Nothing new we didn't already know about...
- Resistance PSP sounds exciting but the developer doesn't. Syphon Filter: Dark Mirror was shit.

To be honest I didn't bother to watch a single video of the conference, bar the last couple of minutes of Sony's. Just text updates on Twitter and GAF. A disappointing E3 so far. Boo!

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