Sunday, July 20, 2008

Metal Gear 20th Anniversary Ultra Detail Figures by Medicom

Medicom’s 20th Anniversary Metal Gear Ultra Detail Figures is a collection of figures made of characters from the Metal Gear Solid universe. The figurines are quite small - only around seven inches in height but are pretty damn detailed, almost as detailed as my collection of 1/8 scale figures. Like their Kubrick’s BearBrick Metal Gear line (will post about this on another day), some of the joints can be moved or even removed. These aren’t like those cheapo action figures as the movements are still limited. For example Old Snake’s torso and arms can be turned to allow him to point his gun at a certain angle, and Raiden’s upper arm and elbow can be repositioned depending on how menacing you want him to display his katana. These allows a degree of flexibility but still gives the figures an almost similar to those more expensive fixed-pose PVC/Resin figures.

I have six of the figures, including Solid Snake’s stealth camouflaged version and Old Snake’s Octocamo suite version (both not pictured, still in storage). Unfortunately a liberal amount of blue tack is required to keep the figures from jumping down. All in all, these figures are a must have for fans of the Metal Gear franchise.

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