Saturday, July 26, 2008

Kubrick Metal Gear 20th Anniversary by Medicom

Medicom's Kubrick figures are an extremely popular and collectable character block figures. These figures are similar to trading art figures, but their Lego-like constructions (though figures are bigger, more flexible and are made up of more tools) set them apart from other conventional figures like the Final Fantasy III figures or Medicom's own 7 inch Metal Gear Ultra Detail Figures. The 20th Metal Gear anniversary line of Kubrick figures were released late last year, and like the one released in 2001, I totally forgot about it. It looks like I would be paying through my nose for these when I saw it in Dooyobi (a store that specialize in importing rare Japanese goodies) on a recent trip to Brighton and in a moment of impulse madness I went in and came out 15 minutes later with seven figures in a 'loud' bag.

The figures themselves are of exceptional quality, but I do not have other Kubrick figures to compare with (truth be told I dont really care about BearBricks collections). The paint job could have been better, but I am not complaining considering the costs of these things. The accessories provided are unfortunately fragile and flimsy that I've decided to display the figures without them. Get them all if you consider yourself a fan of the series. Enjoy the pictures.


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Anonymous said...

lol, I love the Ninja picture!

Anonymous said...

Why is Snake shooting himself?

Anonymous said... mgs4 snake suicide himself as the bead ending

love the pictures,gonna get mgs4 snake soon

Kubrick Figures Fan said...

Awesome Metal Gear kubrick pics. Thanks for sharing. I collect kubricks also. I like metal gear and alien kubricks.

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Those toys looks so funny to play with!
I would like to have one of those so I was wondering if there is any way to get them