Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Sony Walkman NWZ-S618 8GB for under £60

Argos is clearing out its Sony Walkman NWZ-S618 8GB digital audio player inventory for £59.99 in black, red or silver. The price is halved of the original RRP, making it a reasonable investment that should not put you off despite all these talk of credit crunch doom and all. It is very similar to the NWZ-A818 that I have, but is slightly thicker and does not come bundled with in-ear noise isolation earphones. Despite that the functionality is exactly the same (for most part) and it even comes with built-in FM radio that is missing from the A810 series, if you fancy that sort of thing. Although discontinued, the S618 provides the same high audio quality that made the A810 and A820 popular among audio enthusiasts. Oh, and despite Sony marketing the player as Walkman Photo, the S618 is capable of playing the same video files that the Walkman Video is capable of.

Go ahead, treat yourself and help reverse this so-called consumer slowdown.

Update: Oh well, Argos has increased the price to £79.99. Still cheap, but at that price you may as well get the A818 - unless FM radio is that important to you.

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