Saturday, July 26, 2008

Rant: Virgin Media and how they suck

As I post this via an expensive HSDPA mobile web connection, we have been disconncted from the internet for 10 days today. This despite never once missing payment.No attempt has yet been made by Virgin Media to reimbursh us the cost, or offer to send an engineer, or indeed do anything other than passing us from one helpdesk to another - all of whom are operarated by a bunch of cue-card reading monkeys - each coming up with as many stupid excuses as possible so to hang up on us. The least they can do is to apologise while explaining the reason for the delay in reconnecting us, and that they can't even bother to do. Instead all they can advise is to call back later. Fuck you Richard Branson you retarded space obsessed idiot.

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Allen said...

If this is solved soon, you'll be getting off lightly. Once I've had nothing for 3 weeks.

Great blog you have here.