Sunday, July 13, 2008

E3 predictions

The new under performing E3 is upon us. Yay. Here's my ten predictions on what we may see unveiled this year:

1. Nintendo under delivers the Wii's potential, again. Except Animal Crossing.
2. Final Fantasy VII re-make. Especially with the manner in which Square-Enix is remilking almost its entire back catalogue.
3. Team ICO's new game announced. See this blog fawn like a schoolboy having a crush.
4. Yet another Halo shooter announced. Yawn, but I am sure people will get excited.
5. New PS3 model. New lower price. New broken functionality.
6. More DS colours. Possible price cut. Gets ignored by parent company.
7. New... sorry scratch that. Same old Zelda game announced.
8. A massive franchise comes to the PSP. Gets ignored by clueless once-a-year gamers media.
9. Tid bits of God of War III released. Plot: Kratos is still pretty ticked off.
10. All things Sonic will continue sucking.

Check back next week to see how I progressed but I am 100% certain I got at least one correct.


Adrian said...

10 - definitely correct
7 - I reckon this won't happen... and if it does it won't be for the Wii

As for Final Fantasy VII... I reckon it'll be remade this generation but whether it'll be announced this E3 is another matter.

Is this year's E3 going to be 'toned downed' or have they done a U-turn on that?

Jon said...

The 360 presser is a yawner. No Halo (yet) is a huge relief even if I was proven wrong.