Saturday, July 5, 2008

Sony CKLNWA800 A818 leather case review

I picked this Sony A800 series leather carrying case (part no: CKLNWA800) up from the on-going John Lewis clearance. Actually I picked up two, but has since decided to keep the black version while returning the white version. This is because the black version, as friend of mine wisely pointed out, makes me "less like a tosser". Amen to that.

The case is made of high quality texture-less leather, and the inside is lined with soft microfiber material. It is attached to the aforementioned removable metal plated karabiner-styled keyring which allows one to attach the case to a belt loop giving easy access to the Walkman, as well as freeing up valuable pocket space. A vertical flip protects the screen and is held in place via magnet similar to Sena cases. A modern update to the Walkman logo adorns the front and the back is free of anything including ugly belt clips. The leather covers all the controls which does protect it from accidental depression (it does mean I can leave the hold button alone), but it does hinder the usage a little bit. This issue is primarily select/play button which is difficult to press because of the way the other four directional buttons on the leather case are raised. It works with practice but it does gets annoying early on.

In a rather bizarre decision, the designers built the slot on the bottom of the case thus leaving the bottom of the Walkman exposed. Fortunately the case provides a snug fit and I have no fear of the Walkman accidentally sliding out. Still I personally would rather have small cut outs for both the WM-PORT and headphone socket, and have the Walkman slide from the top of the case. Regardless the case works as intended with the headphone socket facing upwards when hung from a belt.

Overall I am happy with the case. It adequately protects the A818 from everyday wear and tear, plus is doesn't weigh you down. The downside is it doubles the thickness of the Walkman and the previously mentioned button issue and the retail price is just too high at £25. Pick it up for less than half from the sales and it is definitely worth keeping.

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