Monday, March 24, 2008

Belkin CushTop notebook platform review

If you are anything like me, you would know that using a notebook on your lap would normally result in a burn. Blame this on laptop manufacturers who decides to put desktop class processors in their notebooks. It can't be helped as we all crave for performance over common sense.

It makes sense that one should then invest in some kind of laptop lap desk that allows the heat to dissipate before reaching your previous meat. And one that I had been keeping an eye for is the Belkin CushTop, part of its laptop@home accessories range. We recently had a chance to acquire one, and so far have not regretted doing so. Here's a mini review.

The CushTop is designed to be used at home, which explains the none-portability design. This allows the designer of the CushTop to be liberal with its funky and aesthetically pleasing design, including the compartment that provides storage for accessories like the power supply and mouse. We also use the compartment to keep the masses of cable tidy. The CushTop is constructed of micro fibre material that seems to be very tough.

This is one of those accessories that one would not think is worth investing, but when you start using it you will find it indispensable. We use it a lot, on the bed, the recliner, armchair and the sofa. The angle and thickness is an added bonus as it allows for a more comfortable typing. The size of the CushTop is pretty large, with the upper side suitable for notebooks up to 15" in size and if you flip it upside down, you can fit a 17" notebook on its wider surface. With my 12" ThinkPad, the extra surface space allowed me to use my VAIO mouse.

You may be wondering if the CushTop's slightly soft exterior will block crucial air vents on the bottom of notebooks. Thankfully, while soft, the surface is stiff enough not to choke the air vents on my ThinkPad and Jennifer's Latitude. It isn't as good as having a notebook sit on a hard table surface, but it is way better than leaving it on the bed. Having said that we won't try to use any processor intensive application while using the CushTop, just in case.

I am pretty pleased with the CushTop. It works just as advertised and stop me having burnt thighs. The design is living room friendly design yet still provides plenty of functionality.

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