Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Dexter on ITV already

Whoa, I had no idea that Dexter, one of the most brilliant American TV import, is already being shown on ITV1. Colour me ignorant because as tend to ignore most of ITV, but at least they did right bringing the series over. But as usual ITV manages to cock up the scheduling with a some inconsistent slots (tonight at 11:35pm and tomorrow at 10:35pm). *Le sigh* I guess it can't be help. BBC is far too into their Heroes worship to care and Channel 4 can't even be bothered with Desperate Housewives any more. And it isn't like Channel 4 would do better with scheduling. Remember how they killed off Nip/Tuck?

On the other hand Dirty Sexy Money begins next Friday on C4 at a time slow usually reserved for Ugly Betty (which is now MIA), so at least a bit of redemption for us American telly fans. I've already watched the pilot episode and found Peter Krause (Six Feet Under) to be brilliant (d'uh!), so there is little very doubt that you should join in on the fun.


Adrian said...

The adverts for Dirty Sexy Money didn't really leave me with a good impression.

My all-encompassing hatred of ITV means I'll probably end up watching Dexter on DVD/off the Internet too. Bastard ITV (grrr!).

Jon said...

Well Channel 4 has never been accurate in their ad. I found the pilot to be pretty exciting.

Dexter is the very definition of unmissable TV, even if one has to watch it through ITV (ugh).