Thursday, March 13, 2008

Never judge a fan of Big Brain Academy

A very true story

Me: So she has a DS Lite?

J: Yep.

Me: What games does she have?

J: She only have one. Big Brain Academy.

Me: ...

J: I showed her Professor Layton. She is really into it. She was quite surprised to find out I play games too.

Me: Did you show her Gyakuten Saiban? I am sure she would have loved that.

J: Didn't have time. Only Layton. But she loves Brain Academy. It is the only DS game she has.

Me: lol. None-gamer confirmed.

J: She has a PS2 and Wii. She wants to buy a Xbox (360).

Me: What now?

J: She loves this game. God of War something. She will lent it to me.

Me: WHAT!???!! OMFG! She is more hardcore than (deleted).

J: What is?

Me: God of War. Like Devil May Cry but based on Greek mythology.

(goes to pick up God of War and PSP from shelf)

Me: This.

J: Looks cool.

Me: Yeah. Look.

(boots up PSP)

Me: Wait. Ok. You press this and this. See it is like Devil May Cry, but instead of Dante you play as this bald angry guy.

J: Looks like Devil May Cry.

Me: Here's the first boss.


(first boss gets eaten by proper first boss)

J: That's huge!

Me: I can't believe she likes this. Respect increase x1000.

J: Yeah, she says she is very addicted to it.

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