Saturday, March 22, 2008

Multi-disc PlayStation PSP eboots

My last guide for creating PSX eboots actually only applies to single disc eboot games. So what do you do if you have a copy of a multi-disc game that you want to install? For example getting the two disc Metal Gear Solid and want to get both discs onto a single eboot file? It is simple, just download the Impaler PSX eboot creator. The application is UI based and supports the creation of PSone eboot files with up to five discs. Not too shabby, and the program itself isn't too bloated. Anyway, like all the other PS1 to PSP creators out there it also allows you to embed your own custom icon, background image and background music. Pretty standard really, and if you have trouble making your own icons and backgrounds you can peruse the images available on this site. Unfortunately I've already wasted some time making my own MGS background based on Yoji Shinkawa's classic illustration of Solid and Liquid Snake. Feel free to use it for your own MGS eboot if you like it:

Getting used PS1 games is getting trickier than before but for those in the UK, do check out your local GameStation and markets. Another source I recommend is Gumtree. From time to time, you do find people giving away their PS1 collection. Now if you will excuse me, I am going to East London today, with a portable MGS to keep me company.

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