Thursday, July 20, 2006

Getting monkeys to move into your village

Anyone with Animal Crossing: Wild World should seek out the nearest Nintendo DS download station. You will then be able to receive up to six exclusive Nintendo themed items. Plus a new monkey neighbour will move in!

Unfortunately some of the DS download stations does now work. I went to a GAME and Gamestation store and both their DS download stations were turned off. The staffs had zero idea on how to get them working and some of them does not even know the that customers could download demos of these pods. Lucky for my village, I managed to track down another GAME store with a working download station.

To download, turn the game on as usual and purchase a bottle from Nook and then toss it into the river/sea. Save and activate the tag mode (or contact mode for UK carts). Hover around the station until the download is complete (less than a second). Switch on the game and you will find you have a new simian villager, who will announce that they have moved from 'Nintendo'. Also head down the beach and you will find a note in a bottle with a message from Katrina, containing a Nintendo item.

Visit several times a week and soon you will have a village populated by raving simians!

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