Friday, July 14, 2006

More monkey business from the Middle East

In retaliation to kidnapping one guy (wrong), you kill 100 people (very wrong). Nice one. There is no right in this conflict and yet sometimes the media overplays the defence of a country.

The ego that is being displayed by a military that has 1000 times the budget of another country is just mindblowing. And yet we are seeing the same thing happening in Iraq. Start a mess by creating a war, claimed to have won the war, backtracked by claiming that the war isn't over and now, a total civil war. Way to go destroying a whole country.

I do not 'support' any spoilt brats in this conflict of egos. I wish governments on both sides of the pond to just go away and let the people decide without a single fucking bullet in sight. The people suffering most are the innocent civilians who are being bombarded using precision missles and such, just as in Iraq.

The fact is by calling the kidnapping of two soliders an 'act of war' is mindblowingly ironic as the state itself has kidnapped thousands of innocent people, locked them up in self-imposed villages of prisons, blew up buildings used by civilians and murdered journalists and peace activisits.

Last I checked, if other governments would to align their policy of agression to Israel's, then many countries in the world would do just well to declare war on Israel themselves, including the British government. Unfortunately as it was with Saddam Hussien's Iraq (similarly sponsored by the west in the 1980s), they just won't do a damn thing to stop innocent people from being killed until it's too late.

It is no wonder there are people who view Israel as a pariah state. Give up the guns, start the negotiating process again and for once try not to be a cowboy. To the muslim 'freedom fighters', stop fighting for a change and stop giving the Israel government an excuse to kill innocent people.

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Fat4 said...

we are more or less on the same line though i guess i hentam one side more than you did. this is the post i wrote cheers