Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Jenni's new bike: Scott Contessa 50

Looks good, no? I am jealous. It's a ladies MTB but it does feature a traditional diamond shaped frame (Aluminium 6061) with ladies geometry. Why can't mine come in a similar light blue colour, and not boring black?

The fork is a Top Gun (by Scott?) thingy. I suspect that it will go in about a year's time to be replaced by something better, maybe a RockShox. Rear derailleur is a Shimano Acera while the front is a Shimano FDC-051. Gear shifters are from the Shimano EZ-Fire Plus series.

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andrew said...

Talking about bike, what do you think of this BOGOF bike offer:
(its not an affiliate link)

Bikes in the UK are so expensive...

Jon said...

I wouldn't touch them if I were you, but then again it depends on what you are planning on using them for. Best way to get a good but cheap bike is to go second hand like I did as it is the only way of getting good bikes for almost half the original price.

This looks good:

£150 for a Specialized MTB is reasonable.

The only problem is some used bikes sold are stolen so do make sure they have the original receipt or even the manuals.

urban londonist said...

Check Evans. They have good offers and is currently having a sale on 2006 bikes. I have a cheap road bike for commute and a good Trek for MTBing.