Monday, July 10, 2006

Brilliant headbutt

Everyone seems to be talking about it, so I think I will just chip in my opinion.

I believe that most people isn't giving Zidane a whole lot of positive spin over the incident. Come on, he single handedly improved the coverage of football. Italy may have won, but hardly anybody is talking about them. Without his awesome headbutt, today's papers would just be full of default articles by pundits about how deserving (or not) the Italians were (and the occasional England crisis opinion).

I actually fell asleep during the dull match. Most overpaid and spoilt players (from all countries) feign injuries even when they are tickled, but the way that Italian player fell down was just awesome. The quality of the headbutting was either brilliant or the Italian was diving, again, which wouldn't surprise me.

No idea what the guy said, but maybe Zizou should have kept his cool. I would try too if I were in his position. But people have limit and people do crack. I may have if someone were to wind me up with a serious comment.

From that sort of reaction I can only imagine something racist was said, but who knows, eh? Nobody is saying that what he did was right, but jolly it has been one boring World Cup final, and a headbutt was something Fifa needed.

We had moments of brilliance in this whole World Cup of course - comedy refs, melees and of course England getting kicked out again. While the media is having a jolly time slating Zizou we should remember that most people here also worship football thugs, including Becks, Shrek and Keano among others.

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RichardAM said...

Never saw it (like, why would I even consider watching something so dull) but found it on Youtube and it is very satisfying to watch.

Maybe violence should be more emphasized in the game, maybe they could get additional points for fighting or something?

It would get me watching!

elb said...

Zidane should have been awarded the World Cup on the spot for that!

And the final should have been France and Germany. Portugal and Italy should have been left to dive until kingdom comes in the 3rd place match.

Jon said...

Maybe that is why I find myself prefering to watch Rugby these days...

I won't say it out aloud but I think xxxxx are cheats.

RichardAM said...

Knocked down by two people in one week, first Zidane, now Mario.

Jon said...
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Jon said...

Materazzi owned. Brilliant!

ainee said...

elb, exactly the next day zidane received golden boot award. irony ain't it? check out hantubola.blogspot for witty-funny-sarcastic (whatever u want to describe it) comments. cheers!

c0y0t3 said...

My French friend had literally managed to get the top hits Summer 2006 song , featuring the incident. The song, called "Coup de boule" had a wonderful summery reggae tune which is really good for this year's horrible heatwave summer and so we go dancing around in the office to its chorus "Zidane il a tape"!