Monday, July 24, 2006

Bike Ride: Brighton to Telscombe Cliffs

During the weekend we pushed further and biked to Telscombe Cliffs. We found an undercliff path just after Brighton Marina. It is an excellent place to cycle especially since it is quite a sight, being able to bike below a chalk cliff and also the view of the rock pools just below the path.

Riding east towards the chalk cliffs. Roedean School, a posh girls only school, is on the left while Brighton Marian is to the right.

Our bike were soaked in chalk due to the amount of rain water left over from Saturday's afternoon rain. We also cycled on the pathway next to the A259 coastal road just above the cliffs, an excellent place to put in some time on some terribly tough hills.

The view west of Saltean

From Jenni's place the ride totalled 16 miles in distance (including the excursion we had in Brighton Marina). We plan to bike again this weekend. Hopefully we are able to push a little further to Newhaven. Training is good. Maybe one day we can tackle the South Downs Way and London to Brighton bike ride.

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QUIK! said...

Wow - that's awesome! I guess I should pick a more scenic route for cycling.

I did once cycling to Heathrow airport (for one of my plane spotting sessions) and I did cycle 14 miles - one way! I tell you on the way back my limbs almost fell off! Not too sure if my bike is designed for the road wasn't really easy at all!

Kat said...

That's a nice view. Too bad that I don't ride a bike. Rob's been hankering me to learn to ride one so that we can ride the London-Brighton route. That man is crazy. Maybe you should meet up hehehe :)

living-in-the-uk said...

methinks u guys are crazy to cycle for fun :P
btw, woah, breathtaking views !!

Jon Choo said...

You should use road bikes for road cycling. I am glad I got a MTB though since off-roading is so much fun!

@Kat, glad you are back!!! You should actually!

@Ken, well...I did gained