Saturday, July 29, 2006

Bike Ride: Brighton to Newhaven

With the heatwave fast approacing its demise, we took one last advantage today to bike to Newhaven Harbour. It was hell. I have never ever bike that far in my entire life. From The Level just off Elm Grove, Brighton, including excursions we cycled roughly 24-25 miles (38-40km), a fair improvement over last week's 16 miles. My legs feels like jelly right now and I expect it would get worse tomorrow. Well here are some pictures I took whenever we had time for break:

On the way towards Saltdean via the undercliff passage. These forts are sea defences aimed at protecting the chalk cliffs from erosions.

You can just make out the nightmare of the hill we had to bike up in order to reach the dizzy heights of Saltdean. An equally dounting climb awaited us on the other end when we cycled back towards Brighton. (view from the top, from last week's ride)

On top of the hill, taking a well deserved break.

That's Peacehaven town. The ferry is from Newhaven.

A farm somewhere between Peacehaven and Newhaven.

On the way back, the rock pools as seen from above the cliffs in Saltdean.

More rock pools, this time somewhere between Rottingdean and Ovingdean.

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living-in-the-uk said...

woah cool. u sure have nice scenic bike rides. sure beats cycling in london. hehe.
too bad those scenic rides are so far away. :p

Jon said...

I wouldn't dare cycle in parts of London just yet!