Thursday, July 27, 2006

"All Southern Lebanese are terrorists"

Our governments* might be cowards not to stand up to the US controlled UN, but that doesn't mean the world backs your tyrannical and illegal invasion. And to blatantly support the massacre of South Lebanon (see his comments on how they are now considering everyone in South Lebanon as terrorists worth murdering) just proofs how... Nazi like the Israeli's have become. I hate to use that word because of Godwin's Law but really I can't think of anything else that is similar. And please don't accuse me of anti-semitism (or similar P.C. crap), if you don't want to be labelled a Nazi, then don't act like one.

Okay, maybe a comparison with the Song My and Dresden would be more apt. But it is about time the rest of the world create a new definition to the term 'Axis of Evil'. We know it won't happen. This is just another Suez Canal, but with the backing of the US this time.

* I can only think of a couple of governments who support the illegal invasion: US, UK, Australia and Germany. And three of those doesn't even have the backing of its people.


menj said...

Israel's terrorism won't last, inshaallah. The Romans, Crusaders and Mongols have failed. What makes Israel think that they will succeed?


Jon said...

Maybe if your 'brothers' stop dicking around and start supporting peace, the Israel won't have their excuse to attack innocent people.

There are no good people in this conflict. Israelis, Hezbollah, etc. they don't care about the innocent.

T-Boy said...

That whole region's messed up as it is; when you get down to it everyone on that damn place is simultaneously good and bad at the same time.

It's like Heisenburg's damn Uncertainty Principle, except that it applies to morality and for some damn reason the damn wave-form won't fucking collapse.