Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Golden Joystick Awards

Obviously not all are true. For example I've never played Portal on the 360 - only on the PC, I've only played MGS4 for like 2 hours (best 2 hours of my life, this year), and Snails Reloaded isn't on the best mobile list (for shame Future, do you even play games???). But I am not going to pass off the opportunity to skew the votes now, am I?

Anyway, which of you nitwits nominated Assassin's Creed: Altair's Chronicles and Sonic & Mario for best handheld game?


Anonymous said...

Altair's chronicles is up for 'Best Nintendo' game or something silly isn't it?

I had to make a few guessvotes myself, including putting down MGS4 in some places. Aside from that, whenever The Orange Box was on the nominee list it got my vote.

Jon Choo said...

Portal and TF2 does seem to deserve all the praise it gets.