Sunday, June 1, 2008

Last ever Circle Line Party 2008

Our last ever Circle Line party was brief, but fun. Pictures from mobile cam, so don't expect anything awesome. We joined the party at Gloucester Road after sending off my family at Heathrow. A tiny section of revellers were acting a bit twattish (tearing down stuff, abusing staffers and drivers - shame on you lot!), but the majority were just brilliant - having a drink, chatting and singing away.

It was a very international party, with plenty of party goers from America, Sweden, Germany, Canada etc., proving yet again how culturally vibrant this great city is, despite having a retarded Tory as a Mayor. The Tube staffers were bloody friendly and understanding, though a couple of stations had to be shut down due to 'overcrowding'.

More pictures here of the last ever day where it is legal to drink on the Tube, from Underground guru Annie Mole.

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