Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Rant: Channel 4

Season four of Desperate Housewives has been axed to make way for their outdated reality telly drab Big Brother. Only returning in September after a 'break'. First Nip/Tuck, then Lost now this. You've to wonder where Channel 4's priority lie, whether to show quality programming or to give more shit airtime to old lady Davina. Last I heard Channel 4 also own More 4 and FilmFour. Would it kill them to show the last couple of episodes on those channels?

Thankfully I've already read the predictable synopsis (meh) of the remaining episodes, but even then I rather watch the hateful Wisteria Lane oldies backstabbing themselves than some no-name wannabes backstabbing themselves. Still, is it little surprise that many people has been and will be firing up their torrents (or visiting STC) seeing how badly Channel 4 treats their viewers?

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