Sunday, June 8, 2008

An evening with Michael Nyman

What a performance. Apart from a questionable over amplification, the one hour finale live performance accompanied with the Man with a Movie Camera was simply brilliant. Stunning piece of work. It concludes a simple two programme evening for us (we only attended the 7.30pm programme), the first which was Violin Concerto 2A with Francesco D'Orazio as the solo violinist with Michael Nyman Band. The Man with a Movie Camera is a silent film by Russian film auteur Dziga Vertov which features the people behind Moscow. The film was a head of its time where Vertov's experimental use of cinematic techniques and effects to deliver emotions and message, was seen as a film masterpiece. It is getting a DVD re-release this month.

Okay I am off to bed now.


Anonymous said...

Something new that I read across from hundreds of blogs today. Thanks for sharing. Do u have any youtube link?

Anonymous said...

nice blog and simple posts. keep up the good work

Jon Choo said...

No videos, but the Beeb were recording the concert so it may pop up one day on their IPlayer.