Thursday, June 12, 2008

Chicago The Musical (Cambridge Theatre)

The first time I stepped into Cambridge Theatre in Seven Dials I noted how similar it was to the West End production of Chicago's previous home, Adelphi Theatre. The lack of excessiveness and its overall compactness is perfect for Chicago, where it tends to be more intimate than other musicals. However its glamorous location does provide attendees with more razzle-dazzle.

Chicago is a musical that hardly ever fails to entertain throughout. The lack of costume changes is refreshing as we witness a small cast of extremely talented dancers and singers play multiple roles. The main principal cast is impressive as well, in particular Terrance Maynard whose slightly harsh and deep voice gave Billy Flynn a presence someone like Richard Gere could never hope to provide. I almost forgot how integral the orchestra band is to the show, not only due to the location of the ensemble at the back of the stage, but in the manner they provide the soundtrack. This isn't just some band hidden in a dug up pit.

It has been seven years since we last watch Chicago and personally I still find it fresh, sexy, exciting and relevant. While the cast is completely different, the unique aspect of Chicago - the music, choreography and plot, makes it such a timeless theoretical masterpiece - such that explains how the musical has surpass ten years in West End. A classic if I ever saw one, and one you should witness too.


Anonymous said...

I sound Interesting. If I have the chance I would love to go too. :)

Jon Choo said...

Do go.

Anonymous said...

Personally I didn't find Chicago as brilliant as I expected it to be. I expected it to be glam and glitzy but the stage was just a plain set and there was no colour to the production. The actors danced, acted and sung fabulously but the set let them down. I did enjoy it but I wouldn't bother going again.