Sunday, June 15, 2008

Waffle House, St. Albans

The Waffle House is a lovely cafe/restaurant next to the River Ver in St. Albans (great miedeval town BTW, with a wonderful high street/market). Set in a 16th watermill building, it is also home to a the watermill museum, where they serve great waffles in any imaginable way. Want smoked salmon and scrambled eggs on your waffles? You got it. What about bacon, banana and tomato? No problem, just make sure you get there way before 12pm. Any who... Jenni had the chocolate waffle with ice cream and I had the day's special (trifle with custard and cream). Great and definitely worth the queue. Mobile phone camera ruined it somewhat but I'll be sure to bring a proper digicam the next time we head there.

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