Monday, September 20, 2004

Sunday news

Saw a Porsche Carrera GT yesterday on the way to the airport. Damn fast! It went past us and I did not even see it until it was some 50 meters away! It was heading towards to Sepang Formula One circuit. I am sure the owner had some fun!

KLIA was as boring as ever. Almost every thing was marked up in price (even magazines) although they claimed to be duty free. Lets see... CDs were going for RM50++ although in Kuala Lumpur, most major retailers were selling for RM40. Duty free my arse. Yes, these retailers do not pay duty to the Malaysian government. Instead they reaped it all for themselves.

Also note that
Telekom's iTalk freephone cards do not work in the terminal's pay phone. You would need to call the Seremban's phone number listed on your card to use it.

An interesting thing I saw on the plane - a woman who was reading a book, used her Apple PowerBook G4 (12") to play a CD. That is mad. Apart from wasting such a good computer for such a trivial task, she was also shaving off her expensive PowerBook's Lithium-Ion battery by a single charge (Li-Ion batteries has a rough total of 250-500 charges) just to listen to music! And she left the screen on!

The plane ride was as bad as ever. Next to me was a young Malaysian couple who were on holiday to London. The flight featured a couple of new movies such as Garfield, Day After Tomorrow and Harry Potter 3. I could not stand the crap quality of the headphones so I 'watched' the movies in silent mode! And lucky I did - most of the movies were interrupted with silent every few minutes for a total of 10 seconds each time.

The food served was marginally better than my last flight (Ldn to KL). This time I had Chicken Korma for my lunch and Lasagna (no beef!) for supper. Not too bad. Only finished half of the servings. I can never stand airplane food no matter how good it is.

Entering Heathrow Terminal 3 is a nightmare to every traveller. Personally I think it is the worst terminal of all the Heathrow terminals. Even after the recent renovation, it is just as bad. This time there are even no crowd controls. Upon entering the exit runway I was greeted with a large crowd who was blocking my path on the exit lane. Mad. I do hope that Terminal 5's contruction would go ahead and British Airways will move there. Hopefully Malaysia Airlines would then find a new home in Terminal 4.

Some good news today - The Europeans has shamed the Americans in this year's Ryder Cup competiton.

By the way, Blogger's spell checker needs to be checked for its lack of mental capacity. It suggested that I change PowerBook to previous.

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