Tuesday, September 28, 2004

New mobile part one

Well I got a new contract for my mobile already.

Difficult at first since I wanted to continue my existing contract but they would not let me change my tariff. Bloody bastards.

So I had to sign up for a new one. Costs me £20 a month on o2 Leasure Time Plus (1000 minutes off-peak, 100 SMS etc). This was way better than my previous deal of 500 minutes and 50 texts. Anyway for the first six months of my year long contract I would receive double minutes and text!

I also sold off my
Sony Ericsson K700i and decided to get a 'smartphone'. The day I signed up I opted for the limited edition Siemens SX1. What a beautie. It runs on Symbian OS 6.0. The GUI would be Nokia's Series 60.

This limited edition version is painted in piano style paint. Very nice. It also comes with a 128Mb MMC card, FM radio, mp3 player and VGA digital camera. Basically the same as a normal SX1. The mobile feels fast enough and I really really like it. The design was so professional and the whole thing feels so sturdy and well made. It was made in Germany! No wonder.

Next time make sure your mobiles are built in Europe, Most of my new Sony Ericssons were made in China and had problems. My older Ericssons (T28, T39m) were made in Sweden and it never broke down. My first ever GSM mobile the Motorola StarTac which I got in 1998 was made in America and it died out after six months. So buy from Europe people! And I mean Western Europe.

It also came with a rather unusual keypad. I reckoned since I usually use my PDA to connect to my mobile (via bluetooth) to send SMS this would not be a problem. But what I did not know was there would be problems connecting it to my iPAQ. Tried it with Simple SMS - did not work. Next up was a trial version of smart GSM. Nope.

So I had to rely on the fuckin' phone for SMS. No problem. I can live with that. So I went sending SMS to my friends. And it was a fuckin' pain in the arse. I decided this had to go back to the shop.

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