Monday, September 13, 2004

Flurry of PalmOS news

A couple of news in connection to the PalmOS industry

First up, HTC has begun shipping for
PalmOne's new PDA smartphone aka PalmOne Treo 650 previously called the 'Ace' or Treo 610. The device would feature a 312Mhz Intel XScale, 32Mb RAM, 320x320 resolution LCD, Bluetooth, 1.3Mp digital camera and runs on PalmOS 5.4 (Garnet).

The Register UK

According to,
Skype for PalmOS would be released next month. Skype is my favourite 'VoIP' program that I regularly use on my PC and Pocket PC device to make free international calls. Skype also features SkypeOut where users can make PC to landline/mobile calls for a small fee.


Hong Kong PalmPilot User Group has some pretty nice specs up regarding a new GSL PDA. The device is a new PalmOS PDA smartphone running PalmOS 5.4. The device is rumoured to have a 2.2" LCD 176x220 resolution LCD capable of 18-bit colour. It would contain 32Mb Flash ROM and 32Mb RAM. It would also contain a VGA digital camera. It is not known whether the device would be fitted with Bluetooth (if not a real shame). GSL only market their XPlore PDAs in Asia.


MantraGroup's (weird name) Causerie Messenger (even weirder name) is an instant messeging program for PalmOS which supports most major instand messeging clients. Users of AOL Instant Messenger (AIM), ICQ, MSN, Yahoo! Messenger and Jabber can now use their GPRS or WiFI connected PalmOS device to chat with each other anytime and anywhere they want. I think this is a cool nifty software. I am curious whether it can dethrone the ultimate IM PalmOS software


But where is the successor to the popular Palm's Tungsten T3?

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