Tuesday, September 28, 2004

Access NetFront : provide feedback and get activation code for free

If you have a SymbainOS Series 60 'smart' mobile phone and wants to do some real web browsing, you can download the excellent Access NetFront browser for your phone.

I have been a fan of NetFront browser for Pocket PC since the browser provided by Microsoft is made my little kids. And I am happy to report that Access Europe GmbH has a page where users of NetFront for Series 60 can obtain a free activation code if they provide a feedback to Nokia.

Get it
here now. I am not sure how long this 'offer' will last but its good. I got my code from them last night and it worked.

Right now I need all the freeware softwares I can find. After spending loads on Pocket PC and PalmOS (not to mention the PC) I do not think I can afford to pay for commercial releases anymore.

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