Tuesday, September 21, 2004

Bus and Tube fares increase

According to the Evening Standard, bus and tube fares are to increase by as much as 20% next year. The fares increase were said to be necessary to fund improvements to London's transport network.

Among the changes are daily bus passes would increase from £2.50 to £3 while single (non Oyster) would increase to £1.20 from £1.

There would be a new off-peak bus fare for Oyster Card users of 80p per single journey.

Single travel into zone 1 will increase by 10p to £2.30.

There would also be a new £1.10 fare for Tube travel outside of Zone 1 after 7pm and a not too bad £2 for single travel journey into Zone 1.

Atleast the new fares would only be effective from January 2005. Fares of buses in Brighton are even more erratic with fare changes (positive or negative) introduced every few months. A single bus journey went from80p to £1 to £1.20 to £1 then back up to £1.30 last April. Crazy!

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