Tuesday, September 21, 2004

Some not so relevant news

House prices fall in UK for first time in years :)

M&S sales slump continues Dull look, dull design. No clear directions. Expensive food. Unethical company. What do you expect?

Kerry & Bush square off on Iraq So what's new? One wanted the war, the other voted for the war. Both will continue its illegal war against other sovereign countries.

New slim Playstation 2 - PSTwo? Not a fan of consoles but anything that can beat Microsoft is welcomed.

Australia's corrupt ultra right wing racist Prime Minister wants option to pre-emptive strike on its neighbours WTF! What a bloody bastard! This is just one of the few Canberra's attempt to police Asia now. So far Malaysia, Indonesia and Philippines has rejected the 'offer'.

Chelsea's Mourinho branded as moaner How true!

palmOne launches new accessories, GPS bundle The keyboard with 5 rows of keys including a dedicated number row looks great.

Blogger spell check update: Today spell checker suggested I replace blogger with blocker! Yes blogger is not a real word but it is the name of this service!

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