Friday, September 10, 2004

Mobile phone musing (I really have no life)

I have never been a fan of Nokia mobile phones. Not sure why. However for the past few days I have this crazy urge to purchase a Nokia 7610 from o2 for GBP100. I did a couple of checks on the internet. It has bluetooth, probably the most important feature on any mobile phones. It has a high resolution screen (for a mobile), has capability for mp3 (although I won't use this). Most importantly it runs on Symbian Series 60. This is important to me for only one reason:

Screen: The reason why I want to buy a Series 60 mobile. I also happened to own TomTom Navigator for Pocket PC but I don't bring my PDA everywhere whenever I get lost.

But you see there is a problem. GBP100 is just too expensive for a subsidised mobile phone. If they would just drop it a little bit maybe to GBP50 then I would be happy. However I am giving myself more time to think about it. But I have to say it again - I want it because I want to be able to use TomTom Navigator Mobile version once its released on the Series 60 platform.

Screen: K700i's camera is a disappointing VGA with interpolation cheat to gain 1.3Mp

My girlfriend has just upgraded to a Sony Ericsson K700i and I would be returning to London next week. That way I could test the unit to see if it is suitable for me for the next one year (I don't upgrade my mobile every other month unlike my fellow Malaysians). The K700i is free on any o2 tariffs and I am in the process of moving my high street account to the online account so hopefully no upgrade fees (in this case GBP60). Personally I think the K700i is well made although it is still not as nice as my classic T610 or my broken Ericsson T39m. If o2 does not budge and keeps selling the 7610 for GBP100 then I might just have to get the K700i. Mind you the K700i has some nice feature such as FM radio so now I won't be able to miss Pete Tong's Essential Selection and Sara Cox 3-5 (once she returns from maternity leave) and the ability to play mp3 proper.

Screen: Ah...what a beautiful sexy thing...the girl looks nice too.

Back to Nokia... They have just announced the paper release of three new mobile phones. All are shiny and totally aimed at the fashion slaves (me). I did stood out and that is the 7280. It would be in a 'candy bar' format and this time literally. Judging by the spec its probably the same thickness and width as a Mars Bar. It has no keys, not something new, Xelibri of Siemens has been offering non keypad mobiles for a year now. It has a slider too and a crappy VGA digital camera. This unit will run on the Symbian Series 40 operating system so its compatible with loads of applications out there. Wished they would fit in Series 60 SE though since that is the more popular Symbian OS. Bluetooth yes.

In other news evil Vodafone has announced the release of their second PDA cum phone called the VPA III. This is identical to the o2 XDA IIs that I posted yesterday and is based on HTC's platform.

Screen: I prefer o2's XDA IIs design. This one looks like a plain XDA II.

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Mobile Phone Insurance said...

I've had my 7610 for 15 months now and it does everything I need it to.

I'm well overdue an upgrade but I can't find a Nokia anywhere that could rightfully take it's place.