Saturday, September 11, 2004

New Malaysia Hall in London opened

Received an e-mail today informing me that the Malaysia Hall Canteen in London has just reopened (since it was closed down last year) yesterday.

It would be situated in a new location. Instead of nearby Marble Arch where the old Malaysia Halll was it would now be located in Queensway, a popular hang out for Malaysians. The address is:

Malaysian Student Department
30-34 Queensborough Terrace
London W2 3ST

Nearest tube stations: Queensway, Bayswater

Map Aerial Map

The operating hours are:

Breakfast 7.30am - 10.00am
Lunch 12.00pm - 4.00pm
Dinner/Supper 5.00pm - 9.45pm

Call +44 (0) 7770 220 608 for more information. There are of course some rules. The restaurant would only be opened for Malaysians (please bring passport or IC). Non Malaysians are welcomed if accompanied by another Malaysian. This is because part of the costs are subsidised by the Malaysian goverment using Malaysian tax payers money.


amy said...

hi jon, thanks for ur excellent blog!
im malaysian and i need a place to stay in london for 2 days. aug 1st and 2nd.
i heard there's cheap accomodation available in malaysia hall. do u know anything about this?

Jon said...

It is pretty cheap, though there are some restrictions. Haven't been there for years (and not to the new one yet).

Do give them a ring. If that fails, you can always try YHA:

amy said...

hey, thanks! ^^

yvonne said...


hey jon..
my mom & bro will come to uk (24/12/2009- 09/01/2010)..
i heard there is cheap accomodation available at Malaysian Hall.
Is it only for student or for the malaysian??
How can i book it??

Jon said...

Hi Yvonne,

As my reply to Amy above, I have not been to the Malaysian Hall for years. I do believe that any Malaysians can stay over as I remember seeing families there (but that was way back in 2000). I suggest calling them and enquire first.

Again, YHA provides an excellent alternative for visitors on a budget.

idrus ibrahim said...

Hi there, I have stayed in Msia hall quite sometime ago with my family-me wife and 2 sons- as malaysians and not students. I can't remember the hotel price though. However the snag was my wife who was helathy but on medication as she has diabetes and high blood pressure wasn't allowed to stay with us but to book another room since women and men were not allowed to get mixed in tha Hall hotel. I find this bizarre and a waste of money too. I would understand if it is different situations but my case how could they ever think of separating a family? Disgusting man! I took this up the management but to no avail. I hope they make amend to it now.

sanda said...

Hi,I'm Sanda here.
I want to book a room in Malaysia Hall.
How to register to book a room in Malaysia Hall??
Pls give more information on tat...