Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Nokia N97 Mini unboxing

Tom from WOM World Nokia surprised us with something that truly caught us off guard this evening. A mariachi band, camera crew and a N97 Mini, as part of Nokia Human Research Department Experiment! I was expecting something when Tom called this afternoon, but certainly not this! Truly entertaining though I suspect our neighbours may not be too amused! Not that we are too bothered as we will be moving soon.

BTW, thanks to Tom, Ricardo and the guys and gals from Wom World for traveling all the way to Watford to hand deliver the phone. Also massive thanks to mariachi the band for entertaining us. Wonderful stuff.

Here are the videos of the Nokia Human Research Department Experiment ads on the phone:

The Museum -Experiment #022

The Restaurant - Experiment #016

Brilliant isn't it? I wonder if the video the camera crew captured today will end up as an ad somewhere??? Hmm...

I also had a chance to play around with the N900. The battery was dead (why am I not surprised?), so no opinion about Maemo 5 today. Based on my previous experience with the N800 and N810, it will be good. Regardless, the N900 was solidly built despite having too much plastic for my taste. It is also pretty darn thick and heavy. It isn't something I would replace my E55 as I see it as more of a smaller alternative to a netbook than a smartphone.

As I mentioned before, the N97 Mini is basically an improved version of the N97. It is basically what the N97 should have been in the first place. It feels much smaller, slightly lighter and have a better built material. Unfortunately it also inherits some of the N97's flaws - mainly the limited RAM, slow processor and bizarre keyboard layout (the keys are better spaced and have a better tactile feedback). Still it is a lovely looking phone with a good 5Mp camera, 8GB flash, an assorted of connectivity including GPS receiver, and a brilliant operating system.

I hope to have a review sometime next week. Anyway here are some pictures.

Update: At least two other bloggers has been visited by Tom and the chums from Wom World:

Ruper Howe has an excellent video of the band playing at a pub in Soho.

And Christopher Stobbs has some lovely unboxing pictures which just puts my post to shame (really ought to get a better camera).


Christopher Stobbs said...

Awesome stuff, same happened to me.
What are the video numbers of the Human project on your N97mini?

Jon Choo said...

Yeah, it was brilliant. I could not stop laughing the whole time.

I had experiment video 22 and 16.

Michael Hell said...

brilliant stuff jon!! :) i was laughing big time, when i watched that video earlier today! also i took the opportunity and made a short blog post about it, if you dont mind :)


Jon Choo said...

Thanks for the plug!

Anonymous said...

just won a N97 mini... loving it..!!!