Friday, November 13, 2009

Nokia E55 receives v22 update (apparently)

According to online reports, both the Nokia E55 and E52 has received firmware updates thus putting the software version at v22 - up from the previous v21. The update, which is said to contain bug fixes rather than new features, is allegedly live via the Nokia Software Updater (NSU) client though not yet available via OTA.

OTA: great in theory, poor in its execution

Not surprisingly Nokia Care UK, and their unnamed outsourced UK-based third party support and service partner, has yet to issue the update for UK destined unbranded sim-free E55. I have tried updating last night and this evening but NSU and Ovi Suite reported that my v21 firmware was the latest and greatest. To be honest I actually have no reason to apply the update as I have yet to encounter a single issue or bug with the phone. Still, it would be nice if all customers were treated equally, particularly those who paid more for an unbranded phone.

Update (19 Nov): Still nothing. Nokia Care UK really do hate us over here...


Anonymous said...

It's 6th of December and I still can't see new firmware for e55.
Did you manage to update your e55 firmware ?

Jon said...

Nope. Still no v22 on this. Annoying isn't it?

Fortunately my E55 is flawless and I haven't encountered any bugs yet. *touchwood*