Friday, November 20, 2009

E55 successor wishlist

You have read my positive review of the Nokia E55 (if not what are you waiting for?). It is easily the best smartphone I have ever had the pleasure to use or own. But nothing is perfect and there are some gripes that I would like Nokia to address in any future successor of the E55/E52.

Camera with macro mode
This is essential for an enterprise-class phone. It just makes so much sense to be able to capture a business card and let the phone's OCR software work its magic, like with the E71.

E51 durability and material
I am sure I am not the only one here willing to sacrifice the lightness and thinness of the E55 if it meant we can get our stainless steel material (and thus bomb proof durability) back. The E55's built quality is fine, but is still a step backward compared to the E51.

HVGA or VGA display
Symbian already supports multiple resolutions so I can't see why the E55 couldn't have a HVGA or VGA display. QVGA no longer cuts it, even on a 2.4" screen. I do not care if you can't see a difference - I can and so can many others.

TV-out makes so much sense for a business phone, I can't believe no one else is demanding it. I am sure many users would prefer to simply connect it to a hotel room's LCD display and use a wireless keyboard to work on QuickOffice or their e-mails if only the feature was present. I know I would.

Move the charging slot to the bottom
The microUSB slot on the E55 is placed on the left hand side making the phone an ergonomic nightmare whilst it is charging. Moving the slot to the bottom is just a basic design common sense. It will also make the phone cradle compatible.

Better bundles
With only a 2GB microSD card and not even a faux leather case or phone strap, Nokia is really taking the piss when it comes to the E55 bundle. A 4GB expansion card, at minium, is expected at this price point.

Timely firmware upgrades
I am fine with the current firmware, but I am disappointed with the way Nokia Care UK treats its customers. It has more than a week since the release of the v22 firmware, and yet the new firmware has yet to be made available on UK simfree model.

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Anonymous said...

Agreed. MWC 2012, no E series half qwerty phone to be found. Been waiting for this successor.