Thursday, November 19, 2009

ThinkPad X100e

Whatever Lenovo's excuse is, the new ThinkPad X100e isn't a real ThinkPad at least design wise.

Whilst retaining some form of identity to the classic and timeless ThinkPad design (the red TrackPoint), the X100e basically looks just like yet another netbook It has a chiclet style keyboard, first made popular on notebooks by Sony, meaning it lacks the popular keyboard that made the ThinkPad brand what it is. The hinge also does not look sturdy enough, but one should not judge merely from press shots. It also does not appear to have the ThinkLight functionality. Also, whoever decided that the new ThinkPad X100e should be available in anything other than black should be shot and disemboweled.

Still it looks okay, and the specs seems competent enough - but I will stick to my guns that it does not deserve the ThinkPad branding. It looks like an Ideapad project that marketing decided to simply slap the ThinkPad branding on. Ugh, I am starting to sound like a Luddite, but whatever.

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