Monday, November 16, 2009

Channel 4 in 3D fail

Today I was reminded on why 3D glasses belongs in the past. It gives you a migraine. The contents are mainly rubbish (good 2D programmes would not resort to such gimmicks in the first place). And finally because of the nature of stereoscopic 3D glasses, they are not in technicolour, so why bother?

Then again we have Channel 4 to thank a lot. They decided to use Darren Brown as a proponent to 3D, introducing rubbish magic by rubbish magicians (is it any wonder why they need the 3D gimmick). The none 3D contents were converted to 3D - which is not how it is meant to work.

All Channel 4 succeeded today was highlighting how 3D (at least the stereoscopy variant) fails and belongs in the past. I rather watch David Copperfield in glorious high definition 2D than this crap. Channel 4, you did well with Dispatches tonight, but enough with this 3D pile of shit.

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Anonymous said...

yeah it was about as good as being fingered by a moose.